The ARMA Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Awards seek to recognize the top asphalt roofing projects in North America. Learn more about the winning projects and why asphalt roofing was chosen.

Molly Jenkins Carriage House

Everlast Exteriors

Omaha, Nebraska

The Molly Jenkins Carriage House is located in the historic Country Club District of Omaha, Nebraska. Originally built in the 1920s, this home was in need of a new roof after hail damage and the discovery of multiple leaks. The homeowners were seeking a dignified, reliable roof system that would be true to the style and look of the era when the house was originally designed.

When Everlast Exteriors recommended asphalt shingles due to their beauty and performance, the homeowners agreed that asphalt would look and function the best. Everlast installed new CertainTeed Carriage House® shingles, which are a class 4 impact resistant shingle, along with a new gutter system. Additionally, a new gutter system was fabricated and installed, along with a turret cap and a new weathervane.

The end result was a new, timeless roof on a beautiful house in a historic neighborhood, with peace of mind for the homeowner that the product they chose will perform well for decades.

United States Post Service General Mail Facility

Roofing Solutions, LLC

Prairieville, Louisiana

The United States Post Service General Mail Facility in Baton Rouge manages mail for the entire Greater Baton Rouge area. When it came time to re-roof this 300,000 square foot building, a roofing solution was needed that could be relied on to protect the mail delivery system that businesses and individuals use every day.

All parties agreed that asphalt was the best roofing solution for a building of this size with complex and sensitive operations due to its longevity, durability, and long-term dependability. Roofing Solutions, LLC chose SOPREMA’s Solar Granule cap sheet membrane installed with COLPLY® Adhesive, which provided the benefits of white reflectivity without sacrificing the multi-layer protection afforded by the modified bituminous system.

This project presented some special challenges. Maintaining water-tightness at all times was a necessity, since rain can be expected nearly every day during Louisiana’s summer season. Additionally, this general mail facility operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, which means the re-roofing was taking place while customers, mail carriers, and 18-wheelers were constantly moving in and out of the facility.


Central States Fairgrounds Horticulture Building

Black Hills Exteriors, LLC

Rapid City, South Dakota

The Central States Fairgrounds in Rapid City, South Dakota wanted to refresh some of their older buildings. With its very old and weathered shingles, the horticulture building needed some TLC. This is where Black Hills Exteriors, LLC stepped in to install a new roof in just four days.

This wooden structure needed a roofing solution to withstand the expansion and contraction the building goes through during a year that features all four seasons. In addition, this building is nearing 100 years old and had many settling and underlying imperfections.

Asphalt was the clear choice for this project due to its ability to form the curvature of the structure’s dome and conform best to existing imperfections. Using CertainTeed Carriage House® shingles, which have four layers of coverage, ensured lasting protection with conformity that covered almost a century of imperfections, and the roof will expand and contract without issue as the seasons change.

Putting rounded shingles on a rounded building brought an aesthetically pleasing older architecture to an older structure. Achieving this meant careful consideration on all eight sides of the roof, ensuring every fourth row of shingles were chalk lined prior to starting, and at one point requiring the crew to utilize ropes and harnesses to stand on fully vertical sides!

Custom Residence
Esary Roofing and Siding
Burlington, Washington

Situated on a cliff overlooking a marina in Roache Harbor, Washington, this multi-million dollar custom home was designed by a team with a history of designing theme parks around the world. The homeowners wanted a roof that performs well in the climate of the Pacific Northwest, while also ensuring their house would stand out without looking out of place. Esary chose CertainTeed Presidential TL shingles for this project, along with a layer of CertainTeed WinterGuard® waterproofing shingle underlayment.

Saint Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church
James D Cummins & Co
Keyport, New Jersey

After a summer storm caused damage to the organ pipes inside the sanctuary of this gorgeous New Jersey church, it was discovered that the existing concrete tile on the roof was defective and required a replacement. For this unique roof with multiple valleys and ridges, (James D. Cummins & Co) used an IKO Crowne Slate shingle system to maintain the original look of the building while ensuring the new roof would stand up to the weather in any season.

Newport Mansion
Couto Construction
New Bedford, Massachusetts

This historic home in Newport was originally built for the founding member of the New York Yacht Club in the 1880s. Key considerations for the current owners were withstanding fluctuating New England temperatures and sporadic wind gusts, preserving the house’s original beauty, and maintaining affordability. Couto Construction used Owens Corning TruDefinition® Duration® Shingles in Estate Gray. This home continues to stand out in its neighborhood, with a roof that matches the beauty and character of the rest of the property.

San Rafael Residence
Wedge Roofing
Petaluma, California

The original, cementitious roofing system on this property had a 50-year warranty – but failed after just 18 years. Style and aesthetic were important, but selecting a product with a demonstrated record for durability and performance was the most important factor in this project. Wedge Roofing exclusively used GAF products for this 10,000 square-foot re-roofing project, including the GAF Camelot® II Lifetime Designer shingle, which helped to maintain a thinner, regimented look.

The Southgate Veterinary Hospital

Fargo, North Dakota

M&J Construction

The 4,600-square-foot veterinary hospital in Fargo, North Dakota is where animals come to heal; however, in the spring of 2018 it was the roof that needed healing. Due to chronic leaking, it became apparent that a total reroof was necessary to solve the building’s problems, so the owner selected asphalt shingles for their aesthetics, affordability and weather resistance. Asphalt’s large color wheel provided a range of color and design choices, making it easy to match the new, beautiful roofing system to the stucco at an affordable rate.

Weather resistance was an important factor too since the flatlands of North Dakota are known for high winds plus hot and cold weather extremes. Shingles were trusted to provide the necessary durability against the expected and unexpected changes in the climate.

M & J Construction of Moorhead, Minnesota chose a full CertainTeed system with Landmark® Pro Max Def shingles in the color Georgetown Gray, SwiftStart® starter shingles, and Shadow Ridge® hip and ridge shingles. For the underlayment, WinterGuard® sheets were chosen for protection against water penetration, while RoofRunner™ was used for its protection against slipping and added water resistance. For the project’s signature paw print, a Flintlastic® SA Capin Moire Black was used, thrilling the owner and giving the roof a special “pop!”


The Sonoma Dome

Sonoma, California

Wedge Roofing

In October of 2017, this popular vacation rental stood less than a mile away from the Nuns Fire, a deadly California wildfire that ravaged the Sonoma/Napa valley area. While the blaze was defeated, the property was not spared from flying debris and subsequent damage. With the original roof already scheduled for replacement, the owners decided to accelerate the timeline. With over 40 years of dome roofing experience, local contractor Wedge Roofing was called to install a roofing system on the unique structure. Wedge recommended an asphalt shingle roofing system for its proven track record, dependability, visual appeal and multiple layers of water resistance.

In a six day timeframe, Wedge installed GAF Pro-Start®, GAF Timberline HD®, GAF Z® Ridge hip & ridgecaps in the color Hickory, and a self-adhering modified bitumen base sheet and cap sheet. Within 48 hours, the property was hosting international travelers once again.


The Rancho Santa Fe Storybook House 

Rancho Santa Fe, California

Professional Roofing and Solar

After the previous wood shingle roofing system was devastated by termites and extensive rotting, this 11,500-square-foot home with 159 facets needed a roofing upgrade. Located within the San Diego metropolitan area, the owners wanted to address their roof’s ailments without sacrificing the overall and signature wood shake design. So, asphalt shingles were selected for their unique ability to realistically replicate wood shake at an affordable cost while still offering a durable solution. For the replacement, Professional Roofing and Solar from El Cajon, California installed CertainTeed Presidential Shake® asphalt shingles while CertainTeed WinterGuard® underlayment sheets were chosen to boost protection against water intrusion.

Case de Lupita Diamond Gate
HAC Construction
El Paso, Texas

Located in El Paso, Texas, this beautiful home’s 6,000-square- foot roof was damaged by a large hailstorm. The previous roof, a 30-year-old asphalt shingle system, had proven its ability to serve a long and tenacious lifecycle, so the owners decided to replace with new asphalt shingles instead of tile options. For the job, HAC Construction installed PABCO Cascade™ shingles in the color Pewter Gray alongside a PABCO Shasta high definition ridge.

Elm Grove Castle
Brennan Exteriors, LLC.
Elm Grove, Wisconsin

This new home was designed for function and privacy on a small area of land. After reviewing roofing options with Brennan Exteriors, the homeowners selected asphalt shingles for their diverse color and style choices, cost savings compared to using natural slate, durability and ease of maintenance. CertainTeed Grand Manor® asphalt shingles were installed alongside copper gutters.

Advanced Construction Roofing
Littleton, Colorado

After 30 years, the original dimensional asphalt shingles on this 4,437-square-foot roof were damaged beyond repair by a fierce hailstorm. The owners of this Littleton, Colorado home immediately opted to replace with a modern asphalt shingle system. Advanced Construction Roofing installed Malarkey Windsor® polymer modified asphalt shingles with a Class 4 impact resistance rating to help protect against damage from future hailstorms and provide an attractive, elegant design.

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital
Roofing Solutions, LLC.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This new, six-story hospital scheduled to officially open in the fall of 2019 will help the children of Louisiana and the greater Baton Rouge area heal. Given such a sensitive property, a durable roofing material that could be trusted was needed. Roofing Solutions, LLC. installed an SBS modified bitumen roofing system from SOPREMA, including an Elastophene® Flam 2.2 base ply, a Sopralene® Flam 180 base flashing, an Elastophene® Flam LS FR GR cap ply, and a Sopralast® 50 TV ALU cap flashing. Certain portions of the roofing system visible from patients’ windows were also colored and decorated to reflect the vast and diverse bayou ecosystem.

The Cincinnati Music Hall

Address: 1241 Elm St
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Contractor: Imbus Roofing Co., Inc.

The 225,000-square-foot Cincinnati Music Hall, designed by 19th century architect Samuel Hannaford, is one of the largest and most beautiful concert halls in the world. In May of 2016, renovations to the Music Hall’s interior and exterior began due to structural deterioration. The Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation chose Imbus Roofing Co., Inc. to install the new roofing system because of their previous work there and on other high-profile buildings in the area. The Music Hall had been adorned previously with high-end slate tiles, so CertainTeed’s Grand Manor® luxury asphalt shingles were used to replicate the roof’s slate aesthetic. To provide additional protection against the elements, DiamondDeck® and WinterGuard® underlayments were also installed. Imbus Roofing used approximately 600 squares of Grand Manor in two colors, Stonegate Gray and Brownstone to match the distinctive striped pattern of the original roof.

The ability of asphalt to replicate the slate look was of utmost importance, as the Music Hall is a historic icon with a prominent, beautiful and unique roof. Durability was crucial because Cincinnati endures harsh wind, rain and snow throughout the year. Additionally, as compared to slate, the price and simplicity to install the asphalt shingle system were very important due to the magnitude and complexity of the project, which involved steep slopes, and various steeples.


Topsail Residence

Ponte Vedra, FL 32082

Contractor: Reliant Roofing, Inc.

The Topsail Residence in Ponte Vedra, Florida, underwent a major new addition and roof installation project recently. However, after only two years, the 10,600-square-foot roof was experiencing significant leaking issues that couldn’t be easily rectified due to poor craftsmanship and the use of inferior products for the region. Living in Florida where hurricanes are common, the homeowners were adamant about installing a high-quality, durable and wind-resistant designer asphalt shingle roofing system.

Reliant Roofing Inc. of Ponte Vedra, FL recommended GAF Grand Canyon® Lifetime Designer Shingles in the color Stone Wood. Reliant’s choice was based on their experience with the product in numerous high-wind events. Not only was the asphalt shingle durable, it also delivered exceptional curb appeal. The homeowners also selected the Timbertex® Premium Ridge Cap to compliment the shingles. Reliant hand sealed the cap and used GAF self-adhering Leak Barrier on the deck.

Museum of the American Revolution

Address: 101 S 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Contractor: Thomas Company, Inc.

The Museum of the American Revolution is a three-story, 118,000 square foot facility that was designed to achieve LEED Gold certification. The building incorporates an extensive green roof, advanced storm water management, air-cycling and heat recovery systems. The storm water that is collected by the building is used in the climate control system to help preserve artifacts. This historic project demanded a high quality roofing membrane that offered an aesthetic appeal to the building.

Thomas Company, Inc. chose SOPREMA’s SBS Modified Base Ply – ELASTOPHENE Flam with the SBS Modified Bitumen Flashing Base Ply – SOPRALENE Flam 180 to protect the roof membrane from foot traffic, resist water penetration and create a more rigid and stable surface for the vegetative roof and terrace roofs. The SBS modified bitumen system’s elongation and recovery properties offer protection from extreme heat and extreme cold weather conditions, helping keep the Museum’s roof water-resistant year-round.

Big House Castle Rock
Jireh 7 Enterprises
Castle Rock, Colorado

Closson Chase Winery Church Roof
Anthony Roofing LTD.
Hillier, Ontario, Canada

Tiny House & Toy Shop
M&J Construction
Erhard, Minnesota

West Loch Village Senior Apartments
M&R Roofing
Ewa Beach, Hawaii

The Triangle Home
Address: 8320 Brights Way
Company: Chapel Hill Roofing Company

When the roof of The Triangle Home started to leak, the homeowners knew it needed to be replaced immediately. They worked with Chapel Hill Roofing Company of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to identify the right product for their needs. The homeowners researched every type of roofing material, from slate to wood shake and metal. Ultimately, they chose asphalt shingles because they provided more color options, protection from the elements and algae resistance properties. The affordability was also an important factor. The homeowners were delighted to discover that they could get a beautiful roof at a price well below that of real cedar shake. Chapel Hill Roofing installed a CertainTeed Integrity Roof System™, which consisted of Landmark® shingles in the color Pewter; WinterGuard® ice and water barrier; DiamondDeck® underlayment; SwiftStart® starter shingles; CertainTeed Ridge Vent; and Shadow Ridge® accessory shingles on the hips and ridges. The complexity of the roof made for a challenging installation, as there were many different roof slopes and 11 skylights that had to be replaced.

Broward County Stephen Booher Building

Address: 3275 NW 99th Way
Company: Advanced Roofing Inc.

The 49,955-square-foot roof of the Broward County Addiction Recovery Center’s Stephen R. Booher Building was facing numerous leaks. Advanced Roofing, Inc. (ARI) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was called upon to build a new, high-performance roof system that would provide the weatherability needed to protect the building’s residents. A Johns Manville SBS modified bitumen membrane, DynaLastic® 180 S, was selected as the base sheet. The base sheet was mechanically fastened and the laps were heat welded. All subsequent layers—the DynaWeld™ Base sheet and DynaWeld™ Cap FR CR — were also heat welded. In areas with low flashings, JM PermaFlash® was utilized to terminate the roof system. The SBS modified bitumen roofing system was chosen for the low-slope portions of this roof to provide a proven system with the durability to withstand the torrential rainstorms and high winds common in Florida. Installing a roof of this magnitude requires significant skill and work. ARI was able to complete the project on time and within budget.

Burlington Fire Department
Address: 350 E Sharon Ave
Company: Cascade Roofing Company, Inc

The Burlington Fire Department was in need of a new roof, due to existing leaks. They contracted with Cascade Roofing out of Burlington, Washington. The building required a product that had visual appeal, wind resistance and algae resistance. PABCO® Roofing’s Paramount® Signature Cut Shingle in Oakwood color became a favorite among the design team. The roof is 209 squares, or about the size of 6 or 7 standard homes. On such a large building, asphalt shingles provided the best longevity and durability for the price per square. This was a heavyweight shingle, and provided curb appeal, superior seal-down and protection from the elements. Cascade Roofing installed a full asphalt roofing system, including a synthetic underlayment and an ice and water shield on the leading edges. By successfully finding a local manufacturer and supplier, and by coordinating product delivery, Cascade ensured a seamless process for the building owner that met the project’s budget and installation requirements.

The Richard Morrow House
Address: 3705 Ballyntyne Rd S
Company: Valley Roofing
Putter Lane Residence
Address: 1537 Putter Lane
Company: Tome Goldston Roofing
Hughes Home
Address: 189 Shelly Drive
Company: Current Remodeling, Inc.
Little Jungle Day Care
Address: 3253 Spiry Way
Company: M & J Construction
Star House
Address: Fort Bragg, California
Company: John Foster, General Contractor

Asphalt roofing systems have the distinctive ability to provide superior durability and protection while also enhancing unique architecture. John Foster, a roofing contractor in Esparto, CA, was tasked with updating the appearance and resilience of this incredible star-shaped home. The home’s original owners designed the structure around the Lone Star to honor their Texas roots. Sitting on a range of cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean with no protection from storms and high winds, the homeowners needed a roof that could perform in a challenging climate. The contractors chose PABCO Roofing Products Premier Advantage Granite shingles because of the product’s exceptional wind resistance and ability to endure the damp, salty coastal environment. The shingles’ color and design complemented the look of the home without getting lost in the bold architecture. Despite a challenging design, the contractor successfully installed an asphalt roofing system that met the rigorous aesthetic and performance requirements of the project.


Devonshire at PGA National Resort and Spa− Court and Cove Buildings
Address: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Company: Advanced Roofing Inc.

Located at the prestigious PGA National Resort and Spa, Devonshire is a picturesque 26 acres that serves as Palm Beach Gardens’ premier address for catered retirement living. The property consists of three buildings, two of which Advanced Roofing Inc. (ARI) was called upon to reroof in 2015. The Court and Cove buildings suffered from roofing issues that demanded immediate attention. The two roofs’ numerous air conditioning units were frequently serviced, resulting in high amounts of foot traffic and use of heavy equipment. ARI, of Fort Lauderdale, FL, selected a high-performance SOPREMA three-ply SBS-modified bitumen roofing system that would satisfy Devonshire’s need for durability while meeting their performance and budgetary requirements. The asphalt roofing system consisted of durable, water-resistant layers, including a SOPREMA base sheet and cap sheet, that delivered a pristine appearance, addressed the unique needs of both buildings and corrected past roofing issues.


Northeast Regional Library
Address: Aventura, Florida
Company: Precision Roofing Corp

When it came time for the Miami-Dade Public Library System to construct a new facility for the Northeast Regional Library, the building owner chose a hybrid built up/SBS-modified bitumen asphalt roofing system. They were interested in the durability, performance and longevity of built-up roofing. Precision Roofing Corp. of Hialeah, FL, had extensive experience installing these types of systems and knew they were built to last. The GAF roofing system installed on the new library utilized three plys of GAFGLAS® Ply 4 Ply Sheet and a Ruberoid® EnergyCap™ 30 Granule FR membrane. The finished product delivered a high-performance and durable system that met the project’s budget restrictions and will protect the structure for years to come.

Rust Road Project
Address: New Boston, Michigan
Company: Grace Construction
Anacortes Home
Address: Anacortes, Washington
Company: Old School Roofing
Mukilteo House
Address: Mukilteo, Washington
Company: Chris Howard Roofing, LLC
Willow Court Project
Address: Twin Falls, Idaho
Company: Rain Guard Roofing
Thomas Jefferson High School
Address: 3950 S. Holly St.
Company: D&D Roofing

A school’s roof must be able to provide long-lasting durability and high-performance that will protect students, staff and equipment from harsh weather while still meeting a school district’s budget. After decades of enduring the hot sun, freezing snow storms, heavy wind and hail, the roof of Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver, Colorado, had been compromised and was at risk of leaking. Denver Public Schools relied on low-slope asphaltic roofing to deliver the protection required while meeting energy-efficiency standards and low-maintenance cost requirements. The district chose a BUR system to protect the school and save money. “BUR is a premium product offering an unsurpassed level of security that is needed with Colorado’s intense weather, especially the hail,” said Michael Butler, project manager for Denver Public Schools. The new roofing system incorporated a Johns Manville GLASPLY® Premier Type VI base sheet and Perlite Cover Board, two layers of ENRGY 3® insulation and four plies of GLASPLY® Premier Type VI felt. Due to asphalt roofing’s ease of installation and reliability, D&D Roofing was able to meet the project deadline and provide the school district with peace of mind knowing their building is protected by multiple layers of water-resistant technology.


Deer Valley at The Grand Lodge
Address: 8777 Marsac Avenue
Company: Miller Brooks

The Grand Lodge at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah, which sits at an elevation of 9,000 feet, was originally roofed with concrete tile. The building was losing a tremendous amount of heat through the roof, causing snow to melt and refreeze on the eaves. Residents were regularly disrupted by the heavy equipment including chain saws that were being used to cut through the ice that formed atop the five-story building. IronClad Exteriors, Inc. was hired to install a new steep-slope asphalt shingle roof on the lodge. The contractor removed the concrete tiles and installed CertainTeed FlintBoard™ ISO NB Composite Polyisocyanurate/OSB Roof Insulation. Next a fascia board was installed, followed by a WinterGuard® HT advanced waterproofing underlayment and DiamondDeck® High Performance Synthetic Underlayment. The final and visible layer consisted of the Presidential Shake™ shingle product. IronClad Exteriors, Inc. chose asphalt shingles for their beautiful aesthetics and long-term durability.


Rosenthal Residence
Address: 39 South Point Place
Company: Tom Goldston Roofing

This beautiful home in North Lake Tahoe was purchased by the homeowners in January of 2014. The original roof consisted of a beautiful wooden shake that the homeowners loved the look of. Since the home is located in a heavily-wooded area, the couple worried about the roof catching fire. They hired Tom Goldston Roofing to install a fire-resistant roofing system that would resemble the look of the original shake material. The roofing contractor chose PABCO Paramount Advantage® Oakwood Signature Cut asphalt shingles that at 495 pounds per square provided the thickness and color that the homeowners desired while meeting their fire-performance requirements. The homeowners love the look that their new roof gives their home and can now rest assured that their property is protected by fire-resistant asphalt shingles.

Doral City Hall- Office Building
Address: 8401 NW 53rd Street
Company: Precision Roofing Corp

Government buildings are under tight scrutiny to not only protect assets, reduce cost and assure longevity, but also respond to the ever growing need for installing energy-efficient roof systems. Doral City Hall is the perfect example of how asphaltic roofing does it all. The system consisted of multiple roof areas, including lightweight insulating concrete that used a nailable venting base sheet, 3 plies of premium glass ply, and an energy-efficient cap sheet that exceeded the reflectance requirements of ENERGY STAR®, Title 24 and the Miami 21 Initiative. Another roofing area was built over structural concrete.

This system incorporated the use of GAF GAFGLAS® Stratavent® Eliminator™ venting base sheet directly over ISO insulation, which also helped reduce the overall cost of the project by eliminating the need for an overlay board and a mopping of asphalt because Precision Roofing Corp. could simultaneously attach the base and first interply. Because the architect specified a roof that would last, Precision believed in the durability and reliability of this redundant system. Using innovative asphaltic roofing products like the highly-reflective EnergyCap® BUR cap sheet, they were able to meet high.


Publix #1382
Address: 6876 Collins Ave
Company: Advanced Roofing, Inc.

Publix Super Market, one of the top 10 largest supermarket chains in the U.S. with over 165,000 employees, trust their roofing specification to a composite built up/modified bitumen system. Advanced Roofing is one of Publix’s preferred roofers and have installed asphaltic roofing systems for the company since 1996.

Publix chose asphaltic roofing because they believe it’s the best system to keep their products dry and customers safe. They weren’t comfortable with a single ply of protection, instead they prefer the redundancy of asphalt. Store 1382 in Miami, included a metal deck, 2 layers of ISO installed in accordance with FM Global requirements, a GAFGLAS® Stratavent® Eliminator™ Perforated venting base sheet, 3 plies of FlexPly ® 6 and a GAF PRF SBS FR Modified bitumen cap sheet. It was finished with an ENERGY STAR® rated coating that not only made the roof look great but also helped reduce energy costs and fight global warming.

Advanced Roofing recommends the use of asphaltic roofing to any professional looking for a bulletproof roof. It not only provides multilayer protection, but has a 100+ year track record, waterproofing and adhesion characteristics.


Everett Victorian – Historic Laurel
Address: 1110 Montgomery Street
Company: Certified Incorporated

Formerly known as Phelps Mansion, this historic Victorian was built in 1888 by Edward Phelps, who was the first mayor of Laurel, MD. During his 7 terms in office from 1895- 1902, he was responsible for bringing electric street lights, brick-paved roads, a telephone system and a railroad that connected Laurel to Washington, D.C. During renovation, Certainteed Highland Slate was chosen primarily because it imitated natural slate, which was a period material for this historic home, and it was significantly cheaper than any slate or synthetic roofing product. It was also one of the few products that the local historic commission would approve for this home in order meet their stringent guidelines. Unlike other slate options, this asphalt product was easy to work with and provided a safer working environment. As noted in the pictures, this asphalt roofing product works great on historic buildings that are trying to replicate an original look and feel. Ceritified Incorporated highly recommends using this asphalt roofing product to other contractors working on historic restoration projects.


NOAA building in La Jolla
Address: 8901 La Jolla Shores Drive
Company: Protech Roofing Service

It may not sound like a massive project when considering building size alone, but when combining the other requirements — creating a roofing system that would assure redundancy and long-term performance, accommodating over 800 stand-up solar panels and meeting the stringent requirements dictated by CA Title 24 — the complexity of the build rose significantly. Working together as a team with their specifiers, the general contractor and GAF, the manufacturers for this project were able to master each and every hurdle. The system included EnergyGuard™ Tapered Iso, and over lay of EnergyGuard Perlite, GAFGLAS® Ultima 80™ base sheet , 2 plies of GAFGLAS FlexPly™ 6  and GAFGLAS EnergyCap™ BUR Mineral Surface Cap sheet. A base, two plies and a cap is a common spec in California, but nothing about this job was common. Complex and beautiful, yes, but common, no. BUR rose to the challenge, providing a reflective, redundant, compliant roofing system that meets the needs of today, and as an energy-efficient facility, the needs of years to come as well!

MCCA Residence
Address: Robert & Alma Vankregten
Company: Chris Howard Roofing, LLC

Robert Vankregten is a retired ship captain and engineer. He and his wife, Alma, live in an upscale neighborhood called “Evergreen” in Mill Creek, Washington. Evergreen and other surrounding communities are governed by the Mill Creek Community Association (MCCA). MCCA’s roofing standards are some of the highest in the state and are often adopted by other upscale homeowners associations within the area. Their acceptable roofing products are tile, slate, metal, cedar shake, and a few heavyweight asphalt shingles. First and foremost, the homeowner wanted a roof that would last a long time, look good on their home, and require low maintenance. They also wanted it to look like their existing cedar shake roof and accent the color of the home and the extensive brickwork on the siding and chimneys. Living in the Northwest and in a development that has numerous trees and an abundant amount of rain, the homeowners also wanted a roof that wasn’t “noisy” when it rained nor easily susceptible to algae growth or color fading like some of their neighbors’ roofs. Having considered all factors, they chose the PABCO Paramount Advantage® Heavyweight Signature Cut Asphalt Shingle in the color Oakwood. The limited lifetime warranty, the 110-mph wind warranty, and the Scotchgard™ algae-resistant warranty made it easier for them to choose this roofing product.

Once installed on this steep hip-roof, it closely duplicated the appearance of the old cedar shake roof. These heavyweight asphalt shingles will last three times as long as the cedar shakes and will require little to no maintenance.

The homeowners were absolutely thrilled with their completed roof! Since completing this project, the roofing contractor has installed several other roofs in the Evergreen community and in surrounding neighborhood’s using the same products with different colors.

American Life & Accident Insurance Company
Address: 471 West Main Street
Company: American Roofing & Metal Co., Inc. (AR&M)

The environmentally-conscious owner initially specified a 2-ply modified bitumen system with a cool roof coating. Before tear-off started, however, the owner asked AR&M to research a vegetative roof option and very quickly the “cool” top coat was replaced with a “greenest of green” vegetative solution. The JM modified bitumen system still remained the very best solution under a vegetative system. It is watertight, durable and will hold up for years, according to AR&M’s project manager Troy Huffman. The stainless steel leak detection system laid over the DuraBoard® insulation allows any future water leaks to be pinpointed to the exact square inch. A possible “suck back” issue due to the building’s negative air pressure was resolved by using the JM urethane adhesive to adhere the DynaWeld™ base sheets at all perimeter walls, past the first joint in the DuraBoard® insulation, and at a minimum of three feet from the penetrations. The two plies of base and the cap sheet were then torched down with no adverse issues and AR&M’s ‘green team’ installed the multilayer vegetative roof system.

Brent Gibson Classic Home Design
Address: 415 W 15th St. Ste. 1
Company: J&L Construction & Remodeling, L.L.C
Casa Del Sol Townhomes
Address: 5213 El Mercado Parkway
Company: Creative Roofing of Northern California
Saint Petersburg College
Address: 2465 Drew Street
Company: McEnany Roofing and Contracting, Inc.
Deerfield Residence
Address: 1700 Hickory Knoll Dr.
Company: Precise Construction

The asphalt roofing system on this residential project located in Deerfield, Illinois, embodies the qualities that the program strives to recognize each year: beautiful, affordable and reliable. With the installation of a new, designer, double-laminate shingle, it was the first of its kind to be used in the Chicago area. Installed on multiple roofing planes, attention to detail was paramount to the roof’s uniform appearance.  The homeowner desired the aesthetic appeal of a slate roof without the high cost and expensive installation of slate. This new shingle is a departure from the traditional architectural shingle that we see so much of today, giving the home the unique curb appeal that the owner desired and making it the envy of the neighborhood.


Seagoville Residence
Address: 1608 Bent Tree Rd.
Company: Legends Roofing

Flexibility was key for this project. With the house’s unique dome shape, asphalt shingles were required for this roof’s triangular sections and dramatic slope. Heavier roofing materials like metal and slate would have proved too cumbersome for this tornado-prone area.  Asphalt’s versatility is showcased on this house as the different sized roof planes are seemingly tailored with designer asphalt shingles in a classic burnt sienna color. Because of the dry, warm climate in Texas, the high fire-resistance rating of asphalt shingles made it the obvious choice over other roofing materials like wooden shake.  A combination of unique design and practicality makes this project a success story for asphalt shingles.


Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta – Miami Branch
Address: 9100 N.W. 36th Street
Company: Advanced Roofing, Inc

The most expansive project in this year’s program, this 257,000-square-foot roof is covered with an asphaltic modified bitumen system. Because of Florida’s climate, including an intense UV light and strong winds during hurricane season, an asphalt modified roof was the clear-cut choice for this building. Boasting 140-mph wind resistance and an ENERGY STAR® rating, the owner can rely on the roofing component to be durable and that the energy costs will be reduced over time. Affordability and ease of installation made asphalt the material of choice for this project.


18807 332nd. St.
Address: 18807 332nd. St.
Company: M & J Construction of Moorhead, Inc.
Boesch Residence
Address: 38 Round Terrace
Company: OnShore Roofing
Comfort Suites
Address: Rieff St.
Company: Will Pro Roofing and Construction LLC
Bryn Mawr Firehouse
Address: 901 W. Lancaster Avenue
Company: Jim Miller, Inc.
Frank M Johnson Montgomery Courthouse
Address: One Church Street
Company: Advanced Roofing Inc.

Located in Montgomery, AL, this courthouse turned to asphalt to adhere to strict design criteria in a historical district. While not seen, asphalt underlayments play a key role in providing a watertight roofing system. Due to the tough access and difficult roofing, the modified roofing made it easier than installing a comparable single ply membrane. The self-adhering base sheet allowed an easier installation and the SRI on the cap sheet was as high and higher then some single plys. This asphalt system is aesthetically-pleasing, waterproof and includes the specifications to meet energy codes and historic codes without sacrificing quality.


Address: 300 North Akard Street
Company: Texas Roof Management Inc

This Dallas, TX, renovation project dealt with many challenges to complete the roofing system. From the removal of four layers of existing roofing, to being able to withstand standing water, to the 48 new roof drains, to the difficulty in staging and safety requirements during construction, the final product doesn’t fall short to the challenges that stood before it. The asphalt system went down easily and quickly, and the checkerboard design, with the Mosaic logo on the highest roof level, there will be a long-lasting impression on the Dallas skyline. As to the motivating design criteria, the Owner of the Mosaic wanted a memorable finished product … which as mentioned previously, was definitely achieved!

Struthers Residence
Address: 5316 Wynneford Way
Company: Baker Roofing Co.

The loan residential winner for the firs QARC program from Raleigh, NC, showcased asphalt shingles and how they can make a roof the main attraction. With longevity, the ease of installation and the multiple planes covered on the roof, it was a “no-brainer” to turn to asphalt for this project, and it’s a good example why four out of five homes are covered by asphalt shingles in the U.S. This case study allowed Baker Roofing Co. a chance to highlight how asphalt can drastically transform a home’s appearance, and make it the envy of the neighborhood.


Levine Children’s Hospital
Address: 1000 Blythe Blvd
Company: CRS Of Monroe, Inc.
Miami-Dade County GSA Trade Shop Facility
Address: 3501 NW 46 Street
Company: Unlimited Roofing Services, Inc.
LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Address: 1909 Skip Bertman Dr.
Company: Roof Technologies, Inc
Marston & Moffat Water Treatment Plants
Address: 6100 W. Quincy Ave.
Company: D & D Roofing, Inc.
Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Gallery May 9, 2017