Whether you’re installing shingles, Modified Bitumen or a Built-Up Roofing system, proper technique and maintenance can help prolong the life of an asphalt roof.

Systems & Accessories

Properly installing and maintaining a ventilation system or other accessory can be just as important to the effectiveness of your roofing system as the roof itself. Learn more about roofing accessories and systems, and their impact on a roof.


One reason roofing professionals use asphalt shingles is their ease of installation and maintenance. ARMA offers insight on installing and maintaining asphalt shingles in order to maximize the service life of a steep-slope roofing system.

Modified Bitumen

Since gaining acceptance in the roofing industry during the 1970s, the use of modified bitumen membrane roofing systems has increased steadily. Today, modified bitumen membranes are still a trusted and widely used roofing material for industry professionals.


Built-up roofing systems are popular due in large part to their high level of performance and proven reliability. BUR systems offer multi-layer protection, thermal performance and fire and uplift resistance for a variety of buildings.

Asphalt Roofing Installation & Maintenance May 3, 2017