CHICAGO, IL — The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association’s president Sheree L. Bargabos spoke at the Opening Plenary Session of the 4th Asphalt Shingle Recycling Forum held November 5-6 in Chicago. Ms. Bargabos is President, Roofing and Asphalt, Owens Corning, Toledo, Ohio as well as the President of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

The Forum’s theme this year was Implementation: Beyond the Barriers. Attendees included shingle recyclers, manufacturers, roofing contractors, construction materials recyclers and state and national environmental officials. ARMA, Owens Corning, and the US Department of Transportation were the primary sponsors of the event, which is managed by the Construction Materials Recycling Association (CMRA).

Ms. Bargabos stated, “Asphalt shingles are a great value based on aesthetic appeal, durability and affordability. Yet in today’s world, consumers are questioning what makes products “green” and they want to know they are living as environmentally responsible as possible. ARMA is firmly committed to working with the CMRA and others, developing innovative solutions and breaking down barriers, to enhance the sustainability of asphalt shingles.”

Eight out of ten homes in the U.S. have asphalt shingle roofs. As homes are re-roofed, millions of tons of roofing tear-off waste are sent to landfills every year. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, every year 88 million tons of waste from construction, renovation or demolition of buildings is sent to landfills, which includes material from shingle tear-offs.

“There represents an excellent opportunity for reducing landfill waste,” said Jim Baker, Director of Industry Affairs for ARMA. “Asphalt shingles can be recycled in various ways, for example they can be recycled into hot asphalt mixes for paving roads; or ground up for use as fuel for cement kilns.”

ARMA representatives were active throughout the forum participating in presentations to help educate and build awareness for shingle recycling efforts and solutions.

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