Cool Roofing

ARMA views roof surface reflectance as but one component of the Whole Building Envelope Approach as an appropriate regulatory policy and design principle for energy conservation, mitigation of urban heat islands, and improved air quality. The Whole Building Envelope Approach is the best option for designing and optimizing performance-based, proven and cost effective commercial and residential buildings. It allows flexibility and consumer choice in the selection of roof systems.

ARMA Cool Roofing Goals are to:

  • Provide effective solutions that allow options, flexibility and choice
  • Ensure fair and technically sound criteria and presentation for our products
  • Maintain consumer choice

ARMA Cool Roof White Papers 
Low-Slope Cool Roofing (pdf)
Steep-Slope Cool Roofing (pdf)

Codes and Standards:

  • ASHRAE 90.1 Addendum F
  • ASHRAE 189.1
  • California Title 24, Part 6
  • CALGreen
  • International Green Construction Code

The 2008 California Building Energy Efficiency Standard for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings (2008 Title 24)is the official code passed by the state and the 2008 Residential and Nonresidential Compliance Manuals are guidance document that helps explain the code and answers some commonly asked questions.
The 2008 Title 24, Part 6 Standards are broken down into two segments, Residential and Non-Residential.  Title 24, Part 6 is California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standard is the section of the code relevant to the roofing industry as it includes performance and prescriptive requirements pertaining to roof assemblies.
The 2008 Title 24 Code and Compliance Manuals are available on the California Energy Commissions website at: