January 30, 2009

James Baker
(202) 207.1114

Roof Assembly Ventilation Coalition Announces Website

[Washington, DC]  — The Roof Assembly Ventilation Coalition (RAVC) launched a new educate interested parties on the use and benefits of steep-slope roof ventilation.

“The Coalition’s website represents a key milestone in solidifying the coalition’s mission of studying, monitoring and promoting of steep-slope roof assembly ventilation,” explained Brian Ray, chairman of the RAVC Public Relations Taskforce and Product Manager for Owens Corning.

The website will offer specific resources designed to help homeowners, contractors, architects and designers understand the benefits of roof ventilation. The RAVC group plans to expand the website to include additional resource areas for the coalition’s membership.

About the Roof Assembly Ventilation Coalition
The Roof Assembly Ventilation Coalition mission is to study, monitor, and promote the interests of steep slope roof assembly ventilation through sound theory backed by scientific data. For more information please contact James Baker at 202-207-1114 or email