Asphalt roofing is chosen for its beauty, affordability and reliability

ARMA’s Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Awards Program seeks to recognize contractors across North America who choose asphalt to install beautiful, high-performing roofing systems. Asphalt is the selected roofing solution due to its range of colors and designs, ability to meet stringent project requirements, and the peace of mind they bring to a homeowner or building owner.

ARMA received a record-breaking number of awards submissions this year, which were judged by a panel of industry experts and members of the trade media.

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GOLD: Molly Jenkins Carriage House

The Molly Jenkins Carriage House is located in the historic Country Club District of Omaha, Nebraska. Originally built in the 1920s, this home was in need of a new roof after hail damage and the discovery of multiple leaks. The homeowners were seeking a dignified, reliable roof system that would be true to the style and look of the era when the house was originally designed.

When Everlast Exteriors recommended asphalt shingles due to their beauty and performance, the homeowners agreed that asphalt would look and function the best. Everlast installed new CertainTeed Carriage House® shingles, which are a class 4 impact resistant shingle. Additionally, a new gutter system was fabricated and installed, along with a turret cap and a new weather vane.

The end result was a new, timeless roof on a beautiful house in a historic neighborhood, with peace of mind for the homeowner that the product they chose will perform well for decades.


Silver: U.S. Post Office General Mail Facility - Baton Rouge

The United States Post Office General Mail Facility in Baton Rouge manages mail for the entire Greater Baton Rouge area. When it came time to re-roof this 300,000 square foot building, a roofing solution was needed that could be relied on to protect the mail delivery system that businesses and individuals use every day.

All parties agreed that asphalt was the best roofing solution for a building of this size with complex and sensitive operations due to its longevity, durability, and long-term dependability. Roofing Solutions, LLC chose SOPREMA’s Solar Granule cap sheet membrane installed with COLPLY® Adhesive, which provided the benefits of white reflectivity without sacrificing the multi-layer protection afforded by the modified bituminous system.

This project presented some special challenges. Maintaining water-tightness at all times was a necessity, since rain can be expected nearly every day during Louisiana’s summer season. Additionally, this general mail facility operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, which means the re-roofing was taking place while customers, mail carriers, and 18-wheelers were constantly moving in and out of the facility.


Bronze: Central States Fairgrounds Horticulture Building

The Central States Fairgrounds in RapidCity, South Dakota wanted to refresh some of their older buildings. With its very old and weathered shingles, the horticulture building needed some TLC. This is where Black Hills Exteriors, LLC stepped in to install a new roof in just four days.

This wooden structure needed a roofing solution to withstand the expansion and contraction the building goes through during a year that features all four seasons. At nearly 100 years of age, the horticulture building had old, weathered shingles and underlying imperfections, in addition to a lot of settling.

Asphalt was the clear choice for this project due to its ability to form the curvature of the structure’s dome and conform best to existing imperfections. Using CertainTeed Carriage House® shingles, which have four layers of coverage, ensured lasting protection with conformity that covered almost a century of imperfections, and the roof will expand and contract without issue as the seasons change.

Putting rounded shingles on a rounded building brought an older, aesthetically pleasing architecture to an older structure. Achieving this meant careful consideration on all eight sides of the roof, ensuring every fourth row of shingles were chalk lined prior to starting, and at one point requiring the crew to utilize ropes and harnesses to stand on fully vertical sides!


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2020 Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Awards Winners May 8, 2017