Promote the Back to Work on America's Roofs Initiative

ARMA is working with our association partners in the roofing industry on the Back to Work on America’s Roofs initiative. This initiative advocates four key polices policies designed to create jobs for unemployed Americans; support homeowners’ investments; and encourage business owners to invest in capital improvement projects. You can learn more about the initiative and these policies by downloading the coalition position paper.

We encourage you to download and utilize the resources below to support our outreach efforts. The full media kit can be downloaded here, or you can review and download individual components below.

Back to Work on America’s Roofs Press Release

This press release has already been distributed by the Back to Work on America’s Roofing coalition to a broad array of media outlets. If you would like to distribute the press release to your own contacts, please cross-reference against the list of contacts this has already been sent to, which can be accessed here. If you end up sending this to a wider audience, please let us know so we can be on the lookout for additional media coverage.

Download Press Release (PDF)

Back to Work on America’s Roofs Infographic

This infographic provides a way to visually promote the key policies that the coalition is advancing in a more digestible format.

Download Infographic (PDF)

Back to Work on America’s Roofs Social Media Collateral

We have developed sample social media copy highlighting the overall initiative and each of the four key policies, as well as images to accompany your posts. Social media graphics were created to accompany the prepared social media posts or to be used as stand-alone posts. Social media badges were designed to be used in email signatures, on social media profiles, or for any other uses you come up with. Iterations of the badges are includes for individual use and for company/organization use.

Download Social Media Posts (Microsoft Word)
Download Social Media Graphics (ZIP)
Download Social Media Badges (ZIP)