Asphalt roofing is chosen for its beauty, affordability and reliability

ARMA’s Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Awards Program seeks to recognize contractors across North America who choose asphalt to install beautiful, high-performing roofing systems. Asphalt is the selected roofing solution due to its range of colors and designs, ability to meet stringent project requirements, and the peace of mind they bring to a homeowner or building owner.

ARMA received a record-breaking number of awards submissions this year, which were judged by a panel of industry experts and members of the trade media.

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Henderson Castle 2

GOLD: Henderson Castle

The Henderson Castle is located on the steep of West Main Hill overlooking downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. Established in 1895, this historic work of architecture previously served as a private residence and is now listed in the National Register of Historical Places. The “Jewel of Kalamazoo” is an 11,000-square foot Queen-Anne-style mansion that was recently renovated to establish a publicly accessible community haven. The owner was seeking a reliable roof system that would be aesthetically in line with the majestic building.

West Michigan Roofing removed this castle’s original slate by hand, leaving the original slate in only one roof area, the round spire. The balance of the roof was replaced with GAF Slateline™ asphalt shingles to blend with the look of the original slate, making the roof water-resistant. This is a roof system that will stand the test of time; the durable asphalt roofing will protect this project for years to come.

The Castle

Silver: The Castle

Originally built in 1892, The Castle is a beautiful century-old home located in the heart of downtown Denver. It has a distinct roof, due to the castle-like spires. The roof had severe wind and hail damage, along with rusted custom metalwork along the roof ridges. It is 3,400 square feet with 95% of the project on a steep 12/12 pitch. This project also included a complete decking renovation. Because of the steep pitch and skyline visibility, Elite Roofing chose GAF Camelot® II asphalt shingles as the best solution to preserve the historical appearance and integrity of this home.

This project presented some special challenges. Having no access from the main road, the roof had to be loaded with materials by a forklift. Additionally, because of the 12/12 pitch, the project required scaffolding around the entire perimeter of the building for fall-safety protection. With a steep pitch, many gables, and custom metal work along the ridges, the result is a gorgeous home with a unique and quality roof.

Hardy Residence

Bronze: Hardy Residence

The Hardy Residence is located on the Pacific Northwest Coast, only a couple of hundred feet from the Pacific Ocean. The homeowner wanted to replace the roofing on the geodesic dome structure but wanted to ensure the protection of the pristine coastal land surrounding the residence. The two connected geodesic domes were perched high on an ocean bluff, providing Wedge Roofing with a complex project to tackle. A GAF Timberline® HD roofing system was selected for the job. Throughout the roof, there was damaged wood in need of repair and replacement, as well as the removal of the existing roof material. Due to the proximity of salt spray and the possibility of gale-force winds, special consideration was taken when selecting materials.

This intricate puzzle of a project consists of two conjoined geodesic domes, which can present a myriad of challenges to even the most experienced and skilled roofing contractor. In total there were 94 individual roof sections, each needing to be meticulously integrated with its surrounding puzzle pieces. The bold design of a geodesic dome is the perfect canvas to paint the versatility, longevity, and stunning visual qualities of an asphalt shingle.

Weitzman Office

Honorable Mention

Weitzman Office
Nations Renovations
Garland, Texas

Honorable Mention

Atlantic Technical College – Arthur Ashe, Jr. Campus
Advanced Roofing Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Jefferson Terrace Elementary School

Honorable Mention

Jefferson Terrace Elementary School
Roofing Solutions, LLC
Prairieville, Louisiana
2021 Excellence in Asphalt Roofing Awards Winners February 22, 2021