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Granule surfaced cap sheet system

Steep Slope: Thanks in recent years to a profusion of styles, textures, and colors -- modern architects, builders, and contractors now have more asphalt roofing choices at their fingertips than ever before. And with each passing year, the choices get even more spectacular!


Asphalt steep-slope shingles can now be manufactured to look like natural materials such as tile, wood, cedar shakes or slate -- while totally outperforming them. Nor can metal or concrete tiles match asphalt roofing for its overall combination of beauty, durability, and longevity -- at a fraction of the cost.


Low-Slope: Architects, builders, contractors, roof consultants, and building owner/managers, all stand to benefit enormously from the fact that manufacturers across North America are making asphalt better and more versatile than ever before.


Thanks especially to the addition of polymers that add stretch and strength, you can now apply your roof any way you want it: hot, cold, torch or self-adhered, to meet your individual project's special needs. Today's asphalt roofing isn't simply a better product. It's safer. Stronger. And cleaner.