Manufacturers across North America are making asphalt roofing systems better and more versatile for architects, builders, contractors, roofing consultants and building owner/managers. Thanks especially to the addition of polymers that add stretch and strength, you can now apply your commercial, low-slope roof any way you want it: hot, cold, torch or self-adhered, to meet your individual low-slope roofing project's needs. Today's asphalt roofing products are beautiful, affordable, reliable and are trusted to perform exceptionally well against extreme weather conditions.


  • Inexpensive over entire life cycle

  • "Best bang for buck"

  • Versatile options---choose the right system for your budget


  • Easy to find contractors to install

  • Widely available product

  • Versatile products and systems


  • Ease of repair

  • Low maintenance


  • Multi-layer protection

  • Thermal performance

  • Fire and up-lift performance

  • Durable, reliable

  • Seals concrete decks

  • Suitable for all types of roof decks

  • Successful 100+ year track record

  • Redundancy of layers reduces chance for leaks

  • Superb tensile strength

  • Withstands high roof traffic

  • Strong and tough, today's formulas resists weathering

  • Insulated systems achieve high thermal value

  • Adaptable to meet any penetration or flashing detail configuration