ARMA Quality Asphalt Roofing Case-study

QARC Case Studies

The QARC awards program seeks to recognize the top asphalt roofing projects in North America. Learn more about the winning projects and why asphalt roofing was chosen.


Thomas Jefferson High School
Address: 3950 S. Holly St.
Company: D&D Roofing

A school's roof must be able to provide long-lasting durability and high-performance that will protect students, staff and equipment from harsh weather while still meeting a school district's budget. After decades of enduring the hot sun, freezing snow storms, heavy wind and hail, the roof of Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver, Colorado, had been compromised and was at risk of leaking. Denver Public Schools relied on low-slope asphaltic roofing to deliver the protection required while meeting energy-efficiency standards and low-maintenance cost requirements. The district chose a BUR system to protect the school and save money. "BUR is a premium product offering an unsurpassed level of security that is needed with Colorado's intense weather, especially the hail," said Michael Butler, project manager for Denver Public Schools. The new roofing system incorporated a Johns Manville GLASPLY® Premier Type VI base sheet and Perlite Cover Board, two layers of ENRGY 3® insulation and four plies of GLASPLY® Premier Type VI felt. Due to asphalt roofing's ease of installation and reliability, D&D Roofing was able to meet the project deadline and provide the school district with peace of mind knowing their building is protected by multiple layers of water-resistant technology.

Thomas Jefferson High School - Rob McReynolds<br /><br />
Thomas Jefferson High School - Rob McReynolds<br /><br />


Doral City Hall- Office Building
Address: 8401 NW 53rd Street
Company: Precision Roofing Corp

Government buildings are under tight scrutiny to not only protect assets, reduce cost and assure longevity, but also respond to the ever growing need for installing energy-efficient roof systems. Doral City Hall is the perfect example of how asphaltic roofing does it all. The system consisted of multiple roof areas, including lightweight insulating concrete that used a nailable venting base sheet, 3 plies of premium glass ply, and an energy-efficient cap sheet that exceeded the reflectance requirements of ENERGY STAR®, Title 24 and the Miami 21 Initiative. Another roofing area was built over structural concrete.

This system incorporated the use of GAF GAFGLAS® Stratavent® Eliminator™ venting base sheet directly over ISO insulation, which also helped reduce the overall cost of the project by eliminating the need for an overlay board and a mopping of asphalt because Precision Roofing Corp. could simultaneously attach the base and first interply. Because the architect specified a roof that would last, Precision believed in the durability and reliability of this redundant system. Using innovative asphaltic roofing products like the highly-reflective EnergyCap® BUR cap sheet, they were able to meet high

Doral City Hall- Office Building  - Julio Martinez<br /><br />
Doral City Hall- Office Building  - Julio Martinez<br /><br />
Publix #1382
Address: 6876 Collins Ave
Company: Advanced Roofing, Inc.

Publix Super Market, one of the top 10 largest supermarket chains in the U.S. with over 165,000 employees, trust their roofing specification to a composite built up/modified bitumen system. Advanced Roofing is one of Publix’s preferred roofers and have installed asphaltic roofing systems for the company since 1996.

Publix chose asphaltic roofing because they believe it’s the best system to keep their products dry and customers safe. They weren’t comfortable with a single ply of protection, instead they prefer the redundancy of asphalt. Store 1382 in Miami, included a metal deck, 2 layers of ISO installed in accordance with FM Global requirements, a GAFGLAS® Stratavent® Eliminator™ Perforated venting base sheet, 3 plies of FlexPly ® 6 and a GAF PRF SBS FR Modified bitumen cap sheet. It was finished with an ENERGY STAR® rated coating that not only made the roof look great but also helped reduce energy costs and fight global warming.

Advanced Roofing recommends the use of asphaltic roofing to any professional looking for a bulletproof roof. It not only provides multilayer protection, but has a 100+ year track record, waterproofing and adhesion characteristics.

Publix #1382 - Danny Stokes<br /><br />
Publix #1382 - Danny Stokes<br /><br />


NOAA building in La Jolla
Address: 8901 La Jolla Shores Drive
Company: Protech Roofing Service

It may not sound like a massive project when considering building size alone, but when combining the other requirements — creating a roofing system that would assure redundancy and long-term performance, accommodating over 800 stand-up solar panels and meeting the stringent requirements dictated by CA Title 24 — the complexity of the build rose significantly. Working together as a team with their specifiers, the general contractor and GAF, the manufacturers for this project were able to master each and every hurdle. The system included EnergyGuard™ Tapered Iso, and over lay of EnergyGuard Perlite, GAFGLAS® Ultima 80™ base sheet , 2 plies of GAFGLAS FlexPly™ 6  and GAFGLAS EnergyCap™ BUR Mineral Surface Cap sheet. A base, two plies and a cap is a common spec in California, but nothing about this job was common. Complex and beautiful, yes, but common, no. BUR rose to the challenge, providing a reflective, redundant, compliant roofing system that meets the needs of today, and as an energy-efficient facility, the needs of years to come as well!

NOAA building in La Jolla - Protech Roofing Service<br /><br />
American Life & Accident Insurance Company
Address: 471 West Main Street
Company: American Roofing & Metal Co., Inc. (AR&M)

The environmentally-conscious owner initially specified a 2-ply modified bitumen system with a cool roof coating. Before tear-off started, however, the owner asked AR&M to research a vegetative roof option and very quickly the “cool” top coat was replaced with a “greenest of green” vegetative solution. The JM modified bitumen system still remained the very best solution under a vegetative system. It is watertight, durable and will hold up for years, according to AR&M’s project manager Troy Huffman. The stainless steel leak detection system laid over the DuraBoard® insulation allows any future water leaks to be pinpointed to the exact square inch. A possible “suck back” issue due to the building’s negative air pressure was resolved by using the JM urethane adhesive to adhere the DynaWeld™ base sheets at all perimeter walls, past the first joint in the DuraBoard® insulation, and at a minimum of three feet from the penetrations. The two plies of base and the cap sheet were then torched down with no adverse issues and AR&M’s ‘green team’ installed the multilayer vegetative roof system.

American Life & Accident Insurance Company - Sarah Tholen (by Judy Forbes / Tailwinds Marketing)<br /><br />
Honorable Mention
Saint Petersburg College
Address: 2465 Drew Street
Company: McEnany Roofing and Contracting, Inc.
Honorable Mention
Casa Del Sol Townhomes
Address: 5213 El Mercado Parkway
Company: Creative Roofing of Northern California


Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta - Miami Branch
Address: 9100 N.W. 36th Street
Company: Advanced Roofing, Inc

The most expansive project in this year’s program, this 257,000-square-foot roof is covered with an asphaltic modified bitumen system. Because of Florida’s climate, including an intense UV light and strong winds during hurricane season, an asphalt modified roof was the clear-cut choice for this building. Boasting 140-mph wind resistance and an ENERGY STAR® rating, the owner can rely on the roofing component to be durable and that the energy costs will be reduced over time. Affordability and ease of installation made asphalt the material of choice for this project.

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta - Miami Branch - Kevin Kornahrens<br /><br />
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta - Miami Branch - Kevin Kornahrens<br /><br />
Honorable Mention
Comfort Suites
Address: Rieff St.
Company: Will Pro Roofing and Construction LLC
Honorable Mention
Bryn Mawr Firehouse
Address: 901 W. Lancaster Avenue
Company: Jim Miller, Inc.


Frank M Johnson Montgomery Courthouse
Address: One Church Street
Company: Advanced Roofing Inc.

Located in Montgomery, AL, this courthouse turned to asphalt to adhere to strict design criteria in a historical district. While not seen, asphalt underlayments play a key role in providing a watertight roofing system. Due to the tough access and difficult roofing, the modified roofing made it easier than installing a comparable single ply membrane. The self-adhering base sheet allowed an easier installation and the SRI on the cap sheet was as high and higher then some single plys. This asphalt system is aesthetically-pleasing, waterproof and includes the specifications to meet energy codes and historic codes without sacrificing quality.

Frank M Johnson Montgomery Courthouse - Ricky Gunvaldsen<br /><br />
Frank M Johnson Montgomery Courthouse - Ricky Gunvaldsen<br /><br />
Address: 300 North Akard Street
Company: Texas Roof Management Inc

This Dallas, TX, renovation project dealt with many challenges to complete the roofing system. From the removal of four layers of existing roofing, to being able to withstand standing water, to the 48 new roof drains, to the difficulty in staging and safety requirements during construction, the final product doesn’t fall short to the challenges that stood before it. The asphalt system went down easily and quickly, and the checkerboard design, with the Mosaic logo on the highest roof level, there will be a long-lasting impression on the Dallas skyline. As to the motivating design criteria, the Owner of the Mosaic wanted a memorable finished product ... which as mentioned previously, was definitely achieved!

Honorable Mention
Levine Children's Hospital
Address: 1000 Blythe Blvd
Company: CRS Of Monroe, Inc.
Honorable Mention
LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Address: 1909 Skip Bertman Dr.
Company: Roof Technologies, Inc
Honorable Mention
Miami-Dade County GSA Trade Shop Facility
Address: 3501 NW 46 Street
Company: Unlimited Roofing Services, Inc.
Honorable Mention
Marston & Moffat Water Treatment Plants
Address: 6100 W. Quincy Ave.
Company: D & D Roofing, Inc.